Visual Stories


Bali, Indonesia
Lasskaa is a Bali based fashion label and the detonating creation of my dear friend Georgie Soloman. This line of female clothing & shoes is doing star jumps at the foreline of the fashion frenzied world.


Two weeks on the radical streets of Japan was the most wonderous & astonishing experience. Never had I seen neighbourhoods which such electronic vibrance on earth. My hungry heart fell inlove with the crazy fashion, the neon lights and the never ending possibilities.

Bec & Andrew

Uluwatu, Bali
Bec and Andrew invited their dearest family and friends to Bali to witness them tie the knot in true tropical paradise. It was such a beautiful and relaxed wedding, right on the turquoise waters of the beach, beneath the cliffs of Uluwatu.


Nothing can describe the way the dazzling Californian sunshine infects your veins with happiness. We spent three weeks driving around the state and indulging in the American vacation dream.


Bali, Indonesia
Bali Boat Shed is fashion store located in the heart of Seminyak. It stocks a huge range of Australian & Bali based fashion labels for both the ladies and the fella’s.


Bali, Indonesia
Individual shots of Sweedish mega babe Matilda Andersson for the Bali Boat Shed campaign. Adoringly kind in the heart and loving in nature.

Emily & Tom

Em & Tom – or “Tomily” as they have been nicknamed. What a sweet & romantic garden wedding they had to celebrate their special day! The ceremony was amongst lush greenery and mother-nature-vibes of the Kyneton Piggery Shed – we were lucky enough to escape the raindrops despite the sinister clouds and dark skies appearing!


Byron Bay, Australia
My second home – my happy place where the sun shines and the dolphins frolick. Where people have time to spend with friends, to watch the sunset and share a cider. I used to have this life, this relaxing and easy going existence.


Melbourne, Victoria
Her lips blazed the colour of fire and rubies and she dressed in bold rainbows from a faraway land. Her bombastic personality and hair from the islands made shadows on the radical walls beyond her.

Nicole & Dave

Nicole and Dave’s garden summertime wedding was simply delightful and utterly handsome. The dropdead gorgeous bridesmaids were so much fun and we really had a whale of a time.


Bali, Indonesia
Individual shots of smouldering lady Julia Sullivan for the Bali Boat Shed campaign My beautiful friend, like no other — a deadsest knockout and an old soul full of curious divine wisdom.


Walking the streets of Harajuku and Shinjuku in Tokyo I hardly had a moment to take my camera down from my face. Each person was like a Picasso creation… so unique and so different it was overwhelming and marvellous!

Hilary & Tim

Tim & Hilary chose a paddock at Hilary’s childhood farm to create their own bush chapel for their wedding. The property in country Victoria had such charm!!! Horses roamed in nearly paddocks and dogs hung out by the high heals of gorgeous guests. Tim’s experience in the hospitality industry shone through with the most detailed table settings, props, bar installation and delicious menu.


Bali, Indonesia
Bali is a mecca for fashion collaborations… Bella Curtis & Flavia Young’s collision of talent has resulted in the birth of their own fashion label – Selah.

Brent & Lauzi

With a lifelong connection to the earth in Ubud, Indonesia – Brent and Lauzi decided it would be here that they would get hitched. They are dear friends of mine and I was honoured to shoot their earth & spritiual wonderland of a wedding where all the guests wore white! The ceremony was an Indonesian styled one with lots of blessing, rituals and kept us all in suspense.


Bali, Indonesia
April and I connected in the lands of Indonesia. We jumped through shallow waters as the sun dropped behind the cliffs of Uluwatu.


Melbourne, Victoria
Images for Singer/Songwriter Coby Grant’s new album art. We have an old friendship... full of colourful memories, gluten free snacks and big blonde laughs.

Micaley & Bryce

Holy DIY wedding amazingness! Kristy & Brendan got married on a very hot summer day down in Mornington Peninsular where they live. Kristy is a talented graphic designer and stylist of all things kitch and quirky. She styled the whole wedding and set it up herself.
venice beach

VenicE Beach

A day in LA. Our work schedule was altered so we could spend a day in LA shooting. Here are a few little things I saw when I was there.


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a beautifully honest country filled with a festive and tasty essence of the human kind. A nation famed for serine smiles, happy greetings and helpful by nature. Its pristine coastline and mountains of tea plantations lets you dive into the island of magical proportions.


Gili Islands, Indonesia
This utopian island of tropical glory is very close to my idea of heaven. Nothing much happens here, except tranquil relaxation and rejuvenating rest. Hammocks swing and books are read…. Time stops to heal all wounds. The remote island is so small that you can walk around the edge of it by foot in one hour.

Micaley & Bryce

These two. Oh my god! I just didn’t want to put my camera down for one second! It was a visual feast for the eyes! It was a perfect afternoon on the Circa Deck and what a warm and lovely wedding it was! Micaley’s 3 bridesmaids included two of her (seriously gorgeous) sisters and her very best bestie (also a babe-bomb!). The boys had a beer or two in the kitsch and colourful mexican restaurant downstairs and prepared for what was going to be a truly fabulous party!


New York, New York
Fast food trucks, gibbering characters on the streets, buildings all the way to the clouds, yellow cabs and cold concrete surfaces, the largest coffee’s and the largest tummies I have ever seen.. I was recently in New York for work and snapped up a few moments as I flew across the streets.
san fran

San fran

San Francisco, California
San Fran Baby! What a colourful, interesting part of America! Unique in its own little existence… pastel apartment buildings which you and I would remember from Full House. And that iconic red bridge… so bold against the colours of the sky and clouds it lives amongst.